Fear of the Dark


Why does my brain insist on periodically going through the nights of consecutive, horrible nightmares?

This is why I don’t sleep well sometimes. It’s not the getting to sleep part, I can do that. It’s staying asleep.

I’m not talking about the occasional bad dream here, I mean the night-after-night wake-up-drenched-in-cold-sweat-and-possibly-screaming-aloud type thing for a week straight.

The kind of dreams that feel so vivid and real, and are still disturbing even to my waking, rational mind. Sometimes I swear my brain is punishing me for something.

I’ve never been much afraid of the dark of corners, of hallways, closets, rooms. But the dark behind my eyelids–that is another story.


An Update

To my readers: my sincere apologies, guys. Things got kind of crazy there for a while, but not because of mental issues.

University classwork tends to be something that can keep a person occupied, but I still had plenty of free time, until I went to the doctor for a pain in my back and he sent me to a surgeon, who decided he should operate the next week. So, I had surgery, and was out for a month.

And it sucked.

I was in too much pain to do anything but lay around, and even that hurt half the time. But then, as soon as the pain was manageable, I returned to school, and resolved to make up the work for all of my class but one (a lab; it was really necessary to have been there in person for that class) instead of taking the remainder of the semester off.

And that sucked, too. It was crazy.

BUT, with some dedication and the encouragement of my awesome friends, I actually did it–and made nearly all As for my final grades, which, yes, I am ridiculously proud of.

And now the semester is over! I will have a lot more time and will try to get back in the habit of checking in here and posting again.

So, yes, that was my update. That’s all for now!