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So first of all, let me apologize sincerely to my readers for not posting in forever. I was in the process of moving, and now that everything is unpacked and in its place, I find the time to make a new post.

And this new post is about weight. I gained, in the past several months, a tremendous amount of weight. And the most frustrating part is that I didn’t do anything differently. I had started a new medication, Abilify, at the beginning of when I began my rapid weight gain, and I and my doctors suspect the two are closely related. Additionally, I recently found out that at some point my thyroid stopped working properly, which contributes to pretty much all the problems I have. No, seriously: rapid weight gain for no reason, depression, psychosis, lack of energy… all could be related to my underactive thyroid.

But there’s good news, too. Firstly, I have been put on thyroid medication, which should cause me to lose a few pounds right then and there. And, I’ve started doing the whole eating healthy and exercising thing. It sucks, but I don’t have a choice. I have to get back down to the weight I was (which was pretty thin). So, I have my work cut out for me. But the point is, it’s do-able.


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I am an otherwise "normal" person who suffers from psychotic depression. This blog is about me, things I like, and my struggle with mental illness.

3 responses to “Weight

  1. Sandy Sue

    Abilify can cause huge weight gains. Same with the thyroid. Changing your eating habits and lifestyle will help and also make you feel better brain-wise. But, you may not be able to go back to your original weight, even with thyroid meds. Every BP I know struggles with this, so getting physically fit while accepting the new you might be something you’ll need to work with.

    Was the move a positive change? Was it something you wanted to do?

    • Maybe it’s unreasonable, but I’m still going to aim for my original weight, or at least something close. I have to have some hope, you know?

      And the move was a necessary change, though not necessarily a negative one. I’m attending Pitt now, which is why I moved, but I also have family near here, and they’ve already shown themselves to be very supportive of me.

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