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Mass Effect 3


  So yesterday, I found some time and finally beat Mass Effect 3. Yes, it took me a month, not because I’m some kind of terrible player but because I’ve been terribly busy lately.

Anyway, I thought I’d do my own little review of the game.

My overall thoughts were that it was a great game, ending be damned. Yes, okay, I had some problems with the ending myself: there wasn’t enough closure, and it was completely unclear what your decision meant for the crew of the Normandy, or the galaxy as a whole. The only thing that was obvious was that the threat of the Reapers was finally demolished and Shepard became a legend. And, of course, that humanity eventually rebuilt itself to point of space travel-capability again, as implied by that short, after-credits scene with the grandfather and the little boy. But hell, at least Bioware listened. They’re releasing a free DLC that will serve as a proper epilogue for the game, and I assume that it will take into account the decisions of players in order to give them the most appropriate, customized ending for their respective games.

I thought that, with the exception of the very, very ending, the game was exceptional, as usual for a Bioware game, it seems like. It was a great last game in a trilogy of games that continued to impress me. The character development, level of depth of the universe created, and all the attention to detail that had been present in the previous two games were there in the last.

In particular, I liked how close Shepard and Garrus had become (even if you didn’t put a romance between them). By the end of the third game, it’s clear that Shepard and Garrus would go through Hell with each other at their sides. (Which is another reason I’m sort of looking forward to that epilogue update–I took Garrus with me on the final mission, and I would like to know what happens to him; did he really die there in that Reaper blast?) I also liked Garrus’s own character development, which you as the player (and as Commander Shepard) influence.

The character that I find most fascinating, though, was by far The Illusive Man, that chain-smoking idealist. At least, it was clear by the end that he had started off as an idealist, who really only wanted to help humanity. Somewhere along the way, he become indoctrinated and corrupted by the Reapers. I can honestly say that in a game full of successfully poignant deaths, the Illusive Man’s really got to me with that “Earth…if only you could see it as I do, Shepard. It’s so…perfect.”

Another aspect of the game I liked involved the actual gameplay. The enemy AI was noticeably improved, and it seems they gave the character more in-combat dialogue so we didn’t have to listen to the same phrases over and over again as in the previous games.

So again, overall, I thought Mass Effect 3 was a great game. Sad to see my favorite trilogy end, but glad that it managed to impress me the way through. Thanks, Bioware, for a great trilogy of games.

Or as Garrus would say, “Impressive.”



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2 responses to “Mass Effect 3

  1. I had much the same thoughts. Just as with each subsequent game your relationship with Garrus grew, to a point where I can say I genuinely cared about whether he lived or died. Thankfully he did live, he emerged from the normandy wreck alongside Joker, for me anyway.

    While the ending had it’s issues I feel that I rather enjoyed it, when you read into the obvious conclusion that when you first got knocked out by he reaper blast, thats when the game really ended, from that point to the very final scene of an arm rummage through the rubble, it was simply a dream, a test of indoctrination.

    While that would be a conclusion I love, I cant help feel that the decision to do that was a platform for further DLC, effectively charging you a fee to experience the true ending. Ironically that isn’t too far from he truth as that new ending is coming, although free or charge very soon.

  2. My understanding is that the epilogue update DLC will be free. And I can agree with enjoying the ending despite its issues. It really was a fantastic game.

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